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VHS Lives 2: Undead Format


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Year: 2017

Rating: 18

Director: Tony Newton


Dustin Ferguson

Scarlet Fry

Richard Mogg

Tim Ritter

Country: UK

Label: Filmlandia

Step inside this time machine as we go back to the awesome era of VHS with in-depth discussions on the glory days of VHS, Video shops, renting video cassettes and VHS nostalgia. VHS is still relevant today and loved by so many people across the globe, VHS will never Die ... Once called the "Dead Format" VHS has truly risen from the grave defining the odds and is taking no prisoners, find out why VHS still lives from VHS collectors themselves. VHS Lives part 2: Undead Format is a trip down memory lane with a look back at VCR players and VHS tapes. Sit back as we rewind back through cult VHS tapes, video players and video shop nostalgia! Sit back and immerse yourself in everything VHS, from collectors talking about their VHS memories, favorite VHS tapes and distributors - to the highs and lows of the VHS era! VHS truly lives on today it's a format that will never die! Brought to you by Tony Newton the creator and producer of VHS Lives : A Schlockumentary, 60 Seconds to Die, 2 Die For and the Grindsploitation film series.

Format: DVD
Region/TV Standard: Region 1 / NTSC
Language: English
Subtitles: None
Running Time: 150 mins
Case Type: Standard
Extra Features:: Coming Soon

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