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Turquoise Moon- Midnight Demon (Purple Shell)


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Artist: Turquoise Moon

Year: 2018

Format: Tape

Label: Spun Out Of Control

Cinematic synth soundtrack to 1983 erotic thriller ‘Midnight Demon’ finally gets a physical release!

‘She came to feed… she’s staying to breed’. Recalling 1980s film scores by Brad Fidel and Tangerine Dream, the long lost electronic soundtrack to 1983 grindhouse ‘classic’ Midnight Demon, by short-lived LA synthesizer duo Turquoise Moon, is finally unearthed by boutique music label Spun Out Of Control.

Presented as a limited run cassette + digital release with re-worked artwork by Eric Adrian Lee and re-mastered from the original tapes by Andy Fosberry, this is the most complete version of the score, which mixes pulsating synth pads with expansive ambient soundscapes, in existence.

Choose from two coloured tape shell options: ‘Purple Prey’ or ‘Neon Blue’, each limited to 75 units each.

Re-discovering Turquoise Moon’s other-worldly score to ‘Midnight Demon’:

Turquoise Moon were an American synth duo of Terry Ferrello and Frank Heisenberg, recording and releasing music from 1981 to ‘86. The pair met in ’81 while living in Mountain View, California, and working as game developers for Atari Inc. Here they discovered a shared fascination for synthesisers and drum machines that they cracked, modified and rebuilt. Choosing the name Turquoise Moon, the duo wrote instrumental music out of Frank’s basement, which they self released on cassette via independent stores and fanzines throughout the Bay Area during 1982.

One of these rare tapes made its way to the hands of LA-based writer and director Kyle Caruso, who had cut his teeth directing commercials for the automotive and high end perfume industries and was about to embark on shooting his first feature film. That film was Midnight Demon.

Terry and Frank were invited by Kyle to move to LA in June of 1983 to compose music for the movie – an opportunity they jumped at, as the video game crash was beginning to take hold of the industry. Midnight Demon was scored in nine days using a Roland JX-3P, a Juno-60, a Jupiter 8, several cracked and unrecognisable Moogs, a Linn Drum and a Simmons SD-7 drum brain.

On the strength of the soundtrack Turquoise Moon signed to Capitol Records, for whom they recorded an album that, for reasons unknown, remains unreleased to this day. Undeterred, they resided in LA through early ’85 to write the score for Midnight Demon 2, before finally calling it quits in 1986.

The Arrival (Main Titles)

Aurora Over LA

Prowling For The Flesh

The Investigation

I Had Her In My Sights

Dark Hearts Breed

Coming To A Realisation

Streetlights Through The Blinds

The Birth Of Death

My God, What Have I Done?

Embrace The Wind

Epilogue (End Titles)

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