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Trigemino ‎– In Sound We Trust


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Artist: Trigemino

Year: 2015

Format: LP

Label: Cometa Edizioni Musicali

CMT 10044 Trigemino   were   founded   in   2007   by Alessandro   Nanni   (Drums),   Francesco   Resta   (Guitar)   and Riccardo    Tulipani    (Bass)    aiming    to    envision,    conceive    and    produce    instrumental    music strongly   inspired   by   Italian   cinematography   of   detective   and   action   films   and   by   American Blaxploitation   of   the   early   Seventies.   They   are   influenced   by   some   composers   as   Franco Micalizzi, Armando Trovajoli, Isaac Hayes. But   their   music   is   influenced   also   by   italian   prog,   hard   rock,   funk   and   doom   music   and   is possible   to   find   reference   to   Osanna,   King   Crimson,   Black   Sabbath.   This   “fusion”   of   genres creates a spectacular groove that characterizes the Trigemino sound. . During the summer 2010 they published their first work: "Tuggah Wakkah!", Cd digipack gatefold, released for "Dead Music" and "Big Machete Productions", containing eight original tracks (7 instrumental plus one vocal). Now in the 2015, is the time to make a qualitative leap and their second album “In Sound We Trust” can be the right way to do. This time the "Trigemino" have involved other musicians to enrich their sound and achieve the target: Nicola Bagnoli (Hammond), Lorenzo Gabriele (Flute), Mattia Del Forno (Synth), Diego Foschi (Hammond and Moog), Simone Bellagamba (Flugelhorn and Trumpet). Eight instrumental tracks of pure “Pysch Action Funk“ music that will plunge the listeners into a world of cinematic and cosmic atmospheres.
A1 Dirty Larry 3:59
A2 Black Belt Ricky Funko 5:12
A3 Digderidooing 0:44
A4 Sorrow And Justice 5:13
A5 Shifting Gears 4:09

B1 Ambush Of Summer 4:12
B2 Bulglary Times 3:41
B3 Hospital Shootout 3:53
B4 Three Times Of Violence 4:28
B5 B(r)eat(h)LessNess 4:12

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