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Trailer Trash Part 2: Grindhouse Sleaze Sampler


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Rating: 18

Director: Various


Uschi Digard
Tina Russell
Suzanne Fields
Rene Bond
Darian Caine

Label: After Hours Cinema

Serious cinemagoers and moviewatchers loooove movie trailers. Whether or not you have any intention on seeing the feature film it promotes, a trailer that can deliver absorbing entertainment, thrilling visuals, and a movie’s narrative thrust in a hundred heartbeats or less is a thing of beauty. Bottom line is: trailers are mindless fun and a hoot to watch…whether you grin in joyous amazement or cringe in abject disgust. A, B or Z grade flicks – they all stand equal stripped down to their trailers! The TRAILER TRASH 2: GRINDHOUSE SLEAZE SAMPLER proudly presents over four hours of the sexiest, sleaziest, most outrageous trailers ever committed to DVD, from contemporary indie adult to hilarious vintage sleaze to extreme grindhouse sexploitation and everything in between. These are trailers meant to shock, astonish, and titilate with content that is 100% uncut and uncensored…trailers you will never see in your local multiplex for fear of inducing an audience uprising! So grab some concessions, dim the lights, and prepare for trailer trash heaven with a cornucopia of trailers for one-of-a-kind films such as Vampire Strangler, Diary of a Nymph, Forced Entry, Dr Christina of Sweden, 42nd Street Pete’s Extreme Sleaze, Darian Caine Exposed and many, many, MANY MORE! LOADED 2-DVD EDITION

Format: DVD
Region/TV Standard: Rregion 0 / NTSC
Language: English
Subtitles: None
Case Type: Standard
Extra Features::

8mm Stags and Loops - TRAILER VAULT
Storefront Feature Series - TRAILER VAULT
After Hours Retro - TRAILER VAULT
Grindhouse Director Series - TRAILER VAULT
Retro-Seduction - TRAILER VAULT
PLUS Over One Hour of Sample Scenes from the Best DVDs

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