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The Dead Next Door (Expanded Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


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Artist: J.R. Bookwalter

Year: 2017

Format: CD-R

Label: TempeSound

Original motion picture soundtrack to the 1990 independent cult classic horror film "The Dead Next Door," now expanded with additional songs and all-new artwork!

1. Prologue
2. Main Titles
3. Farmhouse
4. Virginia to D.C.
5. D.C. to Akron
6. Bow House
7. Vincent Freaks Out
8. It’s A Damned Cult
9. Car Ghouls / Setup For Danger
10. Escape From The Bow House
11. Altar Room Chase
12. The Dead Walk
13. Pursuit Of The Dead
14. Trapped Like A Rat
15. Epilogue
16. Left For Dead (Instrumental)
17. “The Answer” (Joy Circuit)
18. “The Dead Next Door” (Argus)
19. “Death & Violence” (Wilbur & The Hoodlum Patrol)
20. “I Hate You” (Wilbur & The Hoodlum Patrol)
21. “Out On The Road” (Willie & The Wagon Wheels)
22. “Louisiana Love Purchase” (Willie & The Wagon Wheels)
23. “The Dead Next Door” (2000 Version, Three Miles Out)

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