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Slaughter Drive


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Year: 2017

Rating: 18

Director: Ben Dietels

Country: USA

Label: Nemesis Video

From BPO Films this VHS is limited to 25 hand numbered copies.

When failed filmmaker Doug Stevenson leaves his video camera in the local park overnight he accidentally records something horrific. To top it off it might have something to do with his new neighbors that moved into his quiet suburban neighborhood. With the help of his bumbling teacher buddies Doug goes on a wild ride to save himself, his friends, his ex-wife, and the entire neighborhood! Featuring a killer throwback soundtrack and goopy gory practical FX... find out who will stay alive on Slaughter Drive!

Format: VHS
Region/TV Standard: NTSC
Language: English
Subtitles: None
Running Time: 101 mins
Case Type: Small Clamshell
Extra Features:: Coming Soon

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