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Sisters in Leather


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Year: 1969

Rating: 18

Director: Zoltan G. Spencer


Pat Barrington

Kathy Williams

Country: USA

Label: Something Weird Video

Produced by MANUEL S. CONDE at the height of the great biker-movie craze of the Sixties, Sisters in Leather wallows in a seamy atmosphere which, combined with the amount of grimy sex on display, makes you want to take a shower immediately after viewing.

Joe (we don’t know his name but he ate the bottle of glass in Mondo Bizarro) is a married lech who picks up pretty young blonde-thing Dolly and drives her out to a deserted little quarry where they whip off their threads and go crazy all over each other. Joe’s pleasure is suddenly interrupted by the intimidating presence of Butch, the vicious leader of the Sisters in Leather, who tells him that she’s got a snapshot of him and Dolly, and unless Joe coughs up a cool $2000 in cash, the photo will find its way to his wife.

“What a hell of a mess,” Joe thinks to himself as he arrives home to find his wife Mary (KATHY WILLIAMS of The Ramrodder) waiting for him in sexy lingerie: “Just my bad luck. She was in one of her romantic moods!” Joe feigns physical exhaustion but Mary is unsympathetic. “If you don’t want my love, don’t expect my sympathy,” she hisses before leaving the bedroom in a huff.

Next day, Joe empties out his bank account and meets up with Dolly for the pay-off. She takes him back to the quarry and, incredibly, Joe falls for her seductive charms a second time (!!) -- “I just couldn’t help myself!” -- before he’s rewarded with a knock on the head from Butch, who takes the cash and scrams without leaving the photo.

But wait! Butch, Dolly, and Billie (Sister-in-Leather Number 3) then take Mary to the quarry for a picnic (!?) and show her the photograph of Joe. “I just can’t believe it,” Mary gasps, before Billie and Dolly take off for a naked motorbike jaunt while Butch and Mary squeeze in a little topless sunbathing.

Joe, meanwhile, has begun investigating the gang and ends up at a biker bar where a rival male gang is savoring the stupendous sight of the legendary PAT BARRINGTON gyrating wildly on their table top. Investigating further, Joe finds the Sisters’ headquarters and spies through the window as the girls get naked and prepare to “initiate” Mary into their little club. But just as Butch gets a little too rough with the new recruit, Joe bursts in with three of the those male bikers in tow. Mary is rescued by Joe while Mike, Eddie, and Turk “straighten” out the Sisters’ in their own special way....

An enjoyably twisted little skinflick, Conde also did the photography and really gets down and into the nitty gritty during the sex scenes. Director SPENCE CRILLY, better known as “Zoltan G. Spencer,” went on to give the world The Hand of Pleasure and the immortal Terror at Orgy Castle.
From a 35mm bikers-with-big-breasts print. 2020 Re-Release Courtesy of Vinegar Syndrome. -- John Harrison, The Graveyard Tramp

Format: DVDR
Region/TV Standard: Region 0 / NTSC
Language: English
Subtitles: None
Case Type: Standard
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