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Short Night of Glass Dolls


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Year: 1971

Rating: 18

Director: Aldo Lado

Jean Sorel
Ingrid Thulin
Mario Adorf
Barbara Bach
Jurgen Drews

Country: Italy

Label: Camera Obscura

2 disc set

In a park in Prague, the lifeless body of the American journalist Gregory Moore is found and transported to the morgue for examination. One thing, however, nobody anticipated: The young man is alive! Unable to move or communicate, Moore must realize that he, as a living corpse, is being prepared for his own autopsy. The only hope for salvation lies in his vague memories of the last few hours and the mysterious events that led to his lethal condition. How did he end up in this situation? The frightful answer has something to do with a mysterious series of abductions that keeps the city in suspense...

Aldo Lado’s directorial debut Short Night of Glass Dolls is a classic of giallo cinema and at the same time a rather exotic entry within the genre. Far removed from the established patterns of the whodunit-thriller, the film doesn’t only tell the story of the search for a perpetrator but also draws a gloomy and occult portrait of Prague – a city full of riddles and secrets, where nothing is as it seems. Starring Mario Adorf, Jean Sorel, Ingrid Thulin and Barbara Bach, Short Night of Glass Dolls also offers a top-class cast. A breathtaking piece of genre history!

Format: DVD
Region/TV Standard: Region 2 / PAL
Language: Italian, German
Subtitles: English, German
Running Time: 97 mins
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Case Type: Digi-Pack with slipcase
Extra Features::
- featurette * "Czech mate" with director / screenwriter aldo lado and starring Jean Sorel
- featurette * "Once Italy and back" with co-Producer Dieter Geissler
- featurette * "the need to sing" with singer Edda Dell ' orso
- Featurette* “Cutting Glass Dolls” mit Cutter Mario Morra
- Audio Commentary ** the film scholar Christian Kessler and Marcus Stig Legger
- Audio Commentary ** of actor / Singer Jürgen Drews
- commented scenes * (Aldo lado commented on selected movie scenes)
- Italian trailer
- English trailer
- Photo Gallery
- booklet with a text by kai naumann

* with optional German and English subtitles
** with optional english subtitles

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