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Shock Cinema #55


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Format: Magazine

Year: 2018

Author/Editor: Steven Puchalski

Pages: 48

Size/Format: Magazine

Interviews with Sybil Danning, John Schuck, Monte Markham, and Catherine Mary Stewart. Reviews includes Norman Alden in Richard C. Sarafian's Andy and Mack Bing's All the Loving Couples; Don Calfa in Robert Hegyes' E. Nick: A Legend in His Own Mind; Birte Tove in Jack O'Connell's Christa [a.k.a. Swedish Fly Girls]; Essy Persson and Helga Anders in Inn of the Gruesome Dolls [Das Rasthaus der Grausamen Puppen]; Elke Sommer and Bob Crane in The Wicked Dreams of Paula Schultz; Sophie Marceau in Jailbird [La Taularde]; Tom Stern in in Clay Pigeon; Carlos Enrique Taboada's Poison For the Fairies; Gerald Mohr and Liz Renay in Date With Death; John Derek and Milly Vitale in Don Chaffey's The Flesh is Weak; Desi Arnaz, Jr. and Zero Mostel in Marco; Monique Mercure and Louise Turcot in Two Women in Gold [Deux Femmes en Or]; Catriona MacColl in Jacques Demy's Lady Oscar; Eva Dahlbeck in Henning Carlsen's The Cats [Kattorna]; Tax Season; Ron Casteel in James T. Flocker's Ground Zero; Carl Schenkel's Strikeback [Kalt Wie Eis]; J. Christian Ingvordsen's Blue Vengeance; Mark Bessenger's Ninja Zombie; the Paul Temple detective film series; The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat; Ellie Church and Kelsey Carlisle in James Bickert's Amazon Hot Box; Duane Whitaker's Together & Alone; Julia Batelaan in Molly; Mitch Brown's Shot; Get Outta Town; et cetera.

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Root Of Darkness

Root Of Darkness (DVD)

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Prehistoric Women & spies A-go-go

Prehistoric Women & spies A-go-go (DVD)

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