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Paddy Kingsland, BBC Radiophonic Workshop ‎– The Changes Original Television Soundtrack


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Artist: Paddy Kingsland, BBC Radiophonic Workshop

Year: 1975

Format: 2xLP

Label: Silva Screen

2018 pressing on black vinyl

The critically acclaimed BBC TV series, The Changes, was first broadcast by the BBC in in 1975, accompanied by music from electronic pioneer Paddy Kingsland, who wrote and recorded the score while working at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.
The 10 part series, adapted from Peter Dickinson’s book trilogy, was perfectly suited to Kingsland’s seminal electronic style, following a teenager living in a Britain where machinery and technology emit a terrible, all-enveloping noise, causing the population to destroy them.
Kingsland used an early synthesiser, the EMS Synthi 100 (which was apparently so large, they had to remove the doors of the studio to get it through), overlaid with live instruments including sitar, percussion, tabla, flute and horns to create a soundtrack which is indicative of exactly how the BBC Radiophonic Workshop’s early output influenced and informed the popular electronic music of the Eighties and beyond.
Kingsland went on to write the music for (amongst others) The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Radio and TV series), Doctor Who and Around the World in 80 Days, as well as composing for the KPM music library, who issued eight albums of his work. An LP of his Radiophonic Workshop output, “The Fourth Dimension” , was released by BBC Records in 1973.


1. The Changes Opening Titles
2. Home Alone (Nicky’s Theme)
3. Everybody’s Gone
4. A Note on the Door
5. A Special Kind of People
6. Your Ways Are Not Our Ways
7. The Changes Closing Titles (56″ version)
8. The Bad Wires
9. The Barns
10. Life on the Farm
11. The Devil’s Children
12. The Village Court


1. The Forge
2. Hostages!
3. Rescue
4. The Changes Closing Titles (67″ version)
5. The End of the Rescue
6. A Farewell
7. A Journey, and Arrival at Henley Farm


1. Sentence of Death
2. Leaving Shipton
3. Heartsease
4. At Purton Bridge
5. The Changes Closing Titles (63″ version)
6. After the Bridge
7. Michael and Mary
8. Necromancer’s Weather


1. The Quarry
2. Mr Furbelow
3. Qui Me Tangit, Turbat Mundum
4. The Changes Closing Titles (48″ version)
5. Into the Rock
6. The Cavern
7. Merlinus Sum
8. It’s All Over
9. Everything’s Alright Again (End Titles)
10. Nicky’s Theme (Stereo Demo) (Bonus Track)
11. Theme 2 Demo (Bonus Track)
12. The Noise (Bonus Track)

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