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Ninja Vortex - A Godfrey Ho and Friends Treasury


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Rating: 18

Director: Godfrey Ho

Country: Hong Kong

Label: Gold Ninja Video

Gold Ninja Video is proud to present an unmissable nine movie journey through the career of Godfrey and his producing partners Joseph Lai and Tomas Tang, which is equal parts mesmerizing, exciting, and absolutely mystifying. This 3-Disc set brings together exploding ninjas, gunslinging women badasses, and the great Dragon Lee alongside exclusive special features which include four commentary tracks, featurettes exploring the history of the core creative trio, and an 85-minute trailer reel of movies that have ninja in the title. 


Ninja Terminator: The Supreme Ninja Warrior Motion Picture 

The Dragon, The Hero: Godfrey Ho directs Dragon Lee and super kicker John Liu in old-school martial arts gold that’s 100% pure Godfrey!

The Paris Killers Godfrey Ho’s first feature film as director shot guerilla-style on the streets of Paris! 

The Super Ninja: A bananas modern-day Taiwanese brain frier about ninjas in the U. S of A. 

Invincible Obsessed Fighter: A relentless South Korean beat-em-up that’s one of the best films to star South Korean Jackie Chan imitator Elton Chong! 

Crocodile Fury: Killer crocodiles. Hopping vampires. A befuddled white guy dressed as a soldier. What else do you need? 

Golden Queen’s Commando: An eyepatch rocking Brigitte Lin leads a team of female criminals on a rollicking women-on-a-mission adventure directed by the man who gave the world Jackie Chan’s FANTASY MISSION FORCE! 

Operation Pink Force: The exact same team that made GOLDEN QUEEN COMMANDO reunite for a Martial Arts Western and it’s even crazier than their first go around! 

King of Kickboxers: The trend that followed the Ninja wave may not sound as exciting, but this cut-n-paste number is mostly made up of Director/Star Panna Rittikrai’s (BORN TO FIGHT) jaw-dropping action film THAI POLICE STORY. 



Eagle Claw Classics series is dedicated to preserving and celebrating widely available, but little respected, martial arts cinema. The films on these discs are presented in standard definition and have not been remastered, but efforts have been made to present them in the most visually pleasing manner using the available elements. 

Format: Blu-Ray-R
Region/TV Standard: Region 0
Language: English
Subtitles: None
Running Time: 810 mins (combined)
Case Type: Standard
Extra Features::

Liner Notes by Justin Decloux 


Commentary on NINJA TERMINATOR by No Such Thing as a Bad Movie (April Etmanski, Colin Cunningham, and Justin Decloux) 

A Beginner’s Guide to Cut-n-Paste: A Video Primer 

The Paradox of Godfrey Ho: A Video Essay 

Commentary on THE DRAGON, THE HERO by The Important Cinema Club (Will Sloan and Justin Decloux) 



Commentary on GOLDEN QUEEN’S COMMANDO by Carlo Vanstiphout (Back Row Cinema Blog) and Justin Decloux

The Triumph of Joseph Lai: A Video Essay 

The Director’s of Godfrey Ho: A Video Primer 

The Shadow of Betty Chan: A Video Essay. 



Commentary on THE SUPER NINJA by Alex Chung (Filmmaker and Stunt Artist) and Justin Decloux

The Mystery of Tomas Tang: A Video Essay 

The Never-Ending Ninja: An Ninja Trailer Reel 


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