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Nicholas Langley & Dark Half - Rebel Convoy (Green Shell)


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Artist: Nicholas Langley & Dark Half

Year: 2019

Format: Tape

Label: Spun Out Of Control

Put gas in your tank and your foot to the floor… for this musically dazzling 80s inspired electronic score to fictional B-movie ‘Rebel Convoy’, composed and performed by Brighton and Ramsgate duo Nicholas Langley & Dark Half (David Dilliway).

Prepare for synth sounds as big as truck tyres across 17 pulse-racing tracks that stand shoulder pad to shoulder pad with the best of the era.

Released on label Spun Out Of Control as a limited edition cassette with download, the run of 150 tapes is split between two collectable coloured shells inspired by cover artwork and concept: choose from Scorched Earth Amber or Night Sight Green.

1. We Found The Armoury 02:39

2. Siege 04:02

3. Twilight 02:48

4. Lone Star Piano 01:23

5. Binocular View 00:47

6. Convoy Begins 02:24

7. Beach Silouhettes 01:59

8. Two On Night Watch 04:48

9. Convoy Reprise 02:21

10. Lone Star Theme 02:07

11. The Creepers 00:44

12. The Dream 03:12

13. Mistakes Cost Lives (Sabotage) 01:23

14. Dust Clears 00:44

15. Now We Light Up The Night 02:04

16. Convoy Ends 01:30

17. Rebel Convoy Main Theme 03:41

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