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Mondo "X" ‎– The Sensational Spooktastic Rock'n'Roll Monster Show


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Artist: Mondo "X"

Year: 2019

Format: LP

Label: Trash Wax

Mondo X play 13 tracks of monster R’n’R, in homage to such notables as Zacherle, The Sonics, Link Wray, Screamin’ Lord Sutch and The Revillos ! They even cover The Tall Boys (Meteors) classic ‘Just Another Half Hour ‘Til Sunrise’. A fine blend of Pop-Punk, Garage Punk, Surf with a nod to 50’s influenced R’n’R which will get even the most zombified up and moving…Tunes to wake the dead indeed !

Features members of The Band From Planet X (Canada) & Mondo a Go Go (Scotland) recorded on Halloween 2017.

The fine artwork is by Marcel Bontempi.

A1 Happy Halloween  
A2 Coolest Little Monster  
A3 Dead  
A4 Goin' To A Graveyard  
A5 The Witch  
A6 Igor's Party  
A7 Another Half Hour 'Til Sunrise  
B1 Dinner With Drac  
B2 Jack The Ripper  
B3 Creature With The Atom Brain  
B4 Witch Queen Of New Orleans  
B5 Wombie Zombie  
B6 The Monster Hop

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