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Mondo Freudo and Mondo Bizarro / Ecco and The Forbidden


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Rating: 18

Director: Lee Frost, Benjamin Andrews, Gianni Proia

Country: USA

Label: Severin

In 1966, the notorious producer/director/distributor team of Lee Frost and Bob Cresse (HOT SPUR, THE SCAVENGERS) combined the extremes of the Mondo genre with their own depraved aesthetic to create two shockumentaries that put Olympic International on the map and changed the face of exploitation forever. Cresse himself narrates MONDO FREUDO, “a world of sex and the strange & unusual laws that govern it” featuring Hollywood strippers, Tijuana hookers, London lesbians, Times Square Satanists and topless Watusi clubs. In MONDO BIZARRO, the team’s “hidden cameras” go “beyond the beyond” to expose Bahamian voodoo rites, Japanese massage parlors, Nazi theater, and an Arab sex slave auction that looks suspiciously like LA.’s Bronson Canyon. Both films have been scanned in 4k from the original Something Weird 35mm vault negatives.

In 1963, nudie/roughie filmmakers Bob Cresse and Lee Frost (HOUSE ON BARE MOUNTAIN, LOVE CAMP 7) saw the U.S. grosses of MONDO CANE and quickly imported and adapted one of the most provocative – and successful – shockumentaries of the decade. Narrated by Academy Award® winner George Sanders (ALL ABOUT EVE) and featuring a legendary soundtrack by Riz Ortolani (Oscar®-nominated for MONDO CANE’s ‘More’), ECCO explores a world of sadism, delinquency, roller derby, extreme piercing, appalling stereotypes and the infamous Lapland-women-castrating-reindeer-with-their-teeth sequence, now scanned in 4k from the original internegative. Bonus feature THE FORBIDDEN is Frost & Cresse’s rarely seen – and totally insane –1966 fake Mondo, packed with staged scenes of Swiss lesbians, L.A. rapists, Parisian tarts and Nazi strippers, newly-transferred from the only known 35mm print in existence.

Format: Blu-Ray
Region/TV Standard: Region 0
Language: English
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 (Mondo Freudo and Mondo Bizarro) / 2.35:1 (Ecco) / 1.85:1 (The Forbidden)
Case Type: 2 x standard cases in slipcase
Extra Features::

Mondo Freudo / Mondo Bizarro

  • Audio Commentary with Johnny Legend and Eric Caidin
  • The Cadaver Is Infinity: Bob Cresse, Lee Frost and the Birth of American Mondo – Interview With Chris Poggiali
  • Mondo Bizarro Trailer
  • Mondo Freudo Trailer

Ecco / The Forbidden

  • The Bandit: Producer David Goldstein Remembers Bob Cresse
  • I Want More: Short Film
  • Ecco Trailer

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