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Mod Fuck Explosion


Current stock: 3

Year: 1994

Rating: 18

Director: Jon Moritsugu


Amy Davis

Desi Del Valle

Victor of Aquitaine

Jacques Boyreau

Issa Bowser

Alyssa Wendt

Justin Bond

Leigh Crow

Bonnie Dickenson

Heiko Adler

Jefferson Parker

Country: USA

Label: Modulus Studio Arts

A lurid fever-dream riffing on arthouse pretense collided head-on with shock cinema, MOD FUCK EXPLOSION stars Amy Davis as London, a slinky blond girl in love/lust with delinquent boy par excellence M16 (played by female lead Desi del Valle), searching for her raison d’etre in a sprawling nightmare city. A coming-of-age story packaged in a sleazy exploitation wrapper, MOD FUCK EXPLOSION resonates with a strange yet wholly original existentialism.

Format: DVD
Region/TV Standard: Region 0 / NTSC
Language: English
Subtitles: None
Running Time: 67 mins
Case Type: Standard
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