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Luis Bacalov ‎– Si Puo' Fare... Amigo


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Artist: Luis Bacalov

Year: 2019

Format: LP

Label: Digitmovies

Digitmovies presents on LP the OST by Luis Bacalov from the movie “Si può fare… amigo” (aka “Can be done”).

At the time of the film's release only a 45 rpm single of this OST was issued which contained the song “Can be done”, with lyrics by Sergio Bardotti and sung by Rocky Roberts (in 1966 Bacalov had already collaborated with Roberts, performer of the main theme from the highly successful western movie “Django”). Luis Bacalov succeeds in representing in his music the whole sentimental side of the plot (the friendship between the corpulent, but good-hearted Thompson and the child Chip) by writing a sweet and cheerful main theme that is introduced in Main titles in a pop key and with a little Bacharach flavour called “Can be done”, sung by Rocky Roberts and accompanied by a children's choir. This theme is reprised with orchestral variations sometimes dramatically, sometimes in an epic western context with the use of the harmonica of the great Franco De Gemini and alternated with saloon as well as instrumental and choir folk music. This LP is dedicated to all the fans of the mythic Bud Spencer, of the Italian Western and of the music art of the Academy Award winner Luis Bacalov.

Side A

1. Can Be Done (vocal) 3:12

2. Si Può Fare… Amigo 1:47

3. Il Villaggio Al Tramonto 3:31

4. Festa Al Villaggio 2:50

5. Guai In Vista 1:18

6. Pianino, Pianino 2:48

7. Il Villaggio All’alba 1:05

Side B

1. Amore Nel West 1:21

2. Buffo Inseguimento 1:24

3. Il Duello 1:46

4. Un Po’ Di Tenerezza 1:11

5. Si Puo’ Fare?...CERTO! 2:26

6. Valzer Al Saloon 1:56

7. Can Be Done (conclusione) 2:47

8. Can Be Done (original Single Stereo Mix) 3:09

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