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Year: 2012

Rating: 18

Director: Seth Smith

Country: Canada

Label: Videonomicon

Videonomicon proudly presents Seth Smith’s LOWLIFE, which Vice/Noisey called “the feel-bad hit of 2012!” A mysterious wanderer going by the name of Asa (Chik White) appears to our heroine, Elle (Kate Hartigan). She quickly trades in her humdrum life as a failing tubist to be swayed by this man’s strange charms. But love soon turns to hunger as she falls in with Asa’s pyschotropic slugs – living drugs so wild they distort and even alter reality. Elle and Asa binge on the slugs for a number of days, their experiences becoming increasingly intimate and bizarre. Through an escalating series of slime-drenched mishaps, the couple eventually find themselves lost in a forsaken wilderness where an omniscient canine watches over an epic battle of body and soul.

Format: VHS
Region/TV Standard: NTSC
Language: English
Subtitles: None
Running Time: 99 mins
Case Type: Small clamshell
Extra Features::
Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies on black VHS!
Includes liner notes from Ominocity’s Chris Morin, plus a Woof Alexander sticker!
Features new cover artwork by director Seth Smith!

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