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 Link Wray & The Wraymen ‎– The Original 1958 Cadence Sessions


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Artist: Link Wray & The Wraymen

Year: 2014

Format: LP

Label: Rumble Records

Tracks A2-A4, A6-A7, A9, B1-B4, B7-B9 make up the aborted album for Cadence in 1958.

A1 Oddball Aka Rumble  
A2 Pancho Villa  
A3 Walking With Link  
A4 Comanche  
A5 The Swag  
A6 Raw Hide  
A7 Dance Contest  
A8 School Girl  
A9 Heartbreak Hote  
B1 Drag Race  
B2 Rebel Rouser  
B3 Patricia  
B4 The Freeze  
B5 I'll Be So Good To You  
B6 Window Shopping  
B7 Missing Link  
B8 White Lightnin'  
B9 Creepy

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