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I Marc 4 ‎– G.L.P1007


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Artist: I Marc 4

Year: 1971

Format: LP

Label: Pick Up Records

2017 reissue

Limited edition 500 copies, released with heavy cardboard sleeve replica of the original press. Including an amazing insert with a previously unreleased interview in Italian/Japanese/English languages

Legendary quartet I Marc 4 holy grail session: G.L.P. 1007 reissue on LP version

The best and most valued volume of GLP series featuring the fantastic modal madness of "André", "Peroche", "Suoni Distorti" and the milestone “Alfio”. The music goes from insane Psychedelic tunes to Jazz, Funk and more Bossa and Lounge tracks with plenty of Fuzz guitars, amazing Hammond job, and totally catching drum Breaks. An insane trip into early gold Italian Psychedelic and Underground vibes with loads of laden beats and grooves with the mark of the legendary Italian quartet. Simply essential!

A1 Peroche 2:47
A2 Jeane 2:08
A3 Alfio 2:26
A4 Aspettando July 2:33
A5 Pensando Al Mare 2:45
A6 Andre' 2:48
B1 Luna 2:50
B2 Vecchie Foto 1:50
B3 Sulla Spiaggia Con Sandy 2:09
B4 Attesa Spasmodica 2:22
B5 Cuore In Gola 2:05
B6 Corsa Pericolosa 1:45
B7 Max 1:18
B8 Suoni Distorti 1:41

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