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Hattie Cooke - The Sleepers


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Artist: Hattie Cooke

Year: 2019

Format: Tape

Label: Spun Out Of Control

Don’t sleep… on this new release from Brighton based singer songwriter Hattie Cooke! Following her vocal-based debut on Third Kind Tapes, The Sleepers sees Hattie deliver a cinematic-sounding set of instrumental electronica for Spun Out Of Control. Mixing hauntological drones and emotionally atmospheric tracks with upbeat synth bangers, The Sleepers makes for a thrilling listen that’s hard to second guess.

Released on limited edition dual colour sable green and pink cassette + digital download. Cover and inner j-card artwork by label regular Eric Adrian Lee. Mastered by Nicholas Langley. Retail copies include a download card.

1. Lies

2. Evacuation

3. Run

4. Red silk

5. Chamber

6. Safe arms

7. Ladders

8. Riot

9. Emerging

10. Something's watching you

11. Survival

12. Main theme

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