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Gruesome Twosome


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Artist: Herschell Gordon Lewis

Year: 2018

Format: LP

Label: Toxic Toast Records

Limited Edition of 666 copies on Blood Red Vinyl

A1 - Talking Wigs

A2 - Mrs. Pringle

A3 - I Don't Understand

A4 - Opening Credits

A5 - Dormroom Dance Party

A6 - Mr Spinsen

A7 - Following Mr Spinsen

A8 - Bury The Bone

B1 - Doormroom Dance Party II

B2 - 66 Drive In / I Love You Terrance

B3 - More Beer

B4 - The Doors

B5 - Beach Party

B6 - Thursday

B7 - Better Call Her

B8 - 117 Elm Street

B9 - Ending

B10 - I Wanted To Buy A Wig

B11 - Epilogue

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