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GG Allin's Doctrine Of Mayhem


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Artist: GG Allin

Year: 1990

Format: CD

Label: Black & Blue Records

"This CD contains the final recordings produced by the late Dick Urine. We start out with some acoustic GG and then the original Cedar Street Sluts, then we rejoin The Scumfucs to complete this collection of classic GG Allin."

Blood For You (Acoustic)

Darkness & A Bottle To Hold

In This Room

Sluts In The City

Blood For You


Abuse Me (I Want To Die)

I Wanna Fuck Myself

Needle Up My Cock

Ass Fuckin Butt Sucking

You'll Never Tame Me

Torture You

Bite It You Scum

Fuck The Dead

I Wanna Piss On You

GG's Xmas Song (Bonus Cut)

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