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GG Allin & The Jabbers ‎– Live At The Rat EP


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Artist: GG Allin & The Jabbers

Year: 2018

Format: LP

Label: Blood Orange Records

Limited to 500 numbered copies

Recorded Live May 14, 1980 at the Rathskellar Boston Ma USA. The show consisted of Arthur Slick & the Nice Girls opening, GG Allin & the Jabbers played second and Davel Peel headlined (with the Jabbers also playing as his band: GG on drums, Alan on bass, Basso & Fortin on guitars).

The person recording the show taped the Jabbers set in it's entirety then recorded Peel's set, which was so long he flipped the tape when Side A ran out, recorded Peel on all of Side B then managed to flip the tape again to continue recording Peel on Side A again-which is why the very beginning of Don't Talk To Me is cut off. This is what happens when you let an acid bathed pot head record your show...Having said all that, the source tape was mixed and mastered in 2018 by Legendary Swedish Record Producer & World Renowned Label Owner Güs Sissüm. There are songs you will only hear performed here on this LP including Iggy Pop penned "I Got A Right" and DMZs "Busy Man".

This is the only live recording featuring all original members of the Jabbers (Allin-Chapple-Fortin-Basso and Might Ions drummer Bob MacKenzie on drums) and if you're familiar with other live GG Allin recordings, this one will amaze you when you hear how tight, professional, powerful & pure punk GG Allin & the Jabbers truly were!

A1 Don't Talk To Me  
A2 Cheri Love Affair  
A3 Ass Face  
A4 Automatic  
A5 Rob Tunes  
B1 Rob Continues Tuning  
B2 Busy Man  
B3 Nuke Attack  
B4 I Got A Right

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