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GG Allin ‎– Insult & Injury Volume 2 - The Bloody Years


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Artist: GG Allin

Year: 1993

Format: CD

Label: Black & Blue Records

GG Allin & Bloody F Mess... a couple of true outcasts united in hate. Responsible for memories like the Hated in the Nation I & II scrapbooks, convincing GG to take his first on-stage-shit and more, Bloody Mess earned a place in our hearts in the mid 80s and now the duo are paired again here with phone calls, jamming and more. Grade A stuff!

GG Allin & Bloody Mess "Live" At O'Cayz Corral with Bloody Mess

I Wanna Fuck Your Brains Out

I'm Gonna Rape You

Teacher's Pet

GG Allin & Bloody Mess "Live" At Pete's Basement Bash

Bloody Mess Spoken Words

Blood For You

Hard Candy Cock

Eat My Diahreah

Cock On The Loose

I Wanna Fuck Myself

GG Allin With Bloody Mess And The Skabs

Sitting In This Room

Thinkin & Drinkin

Peanut Butter Picnic

Ugly Friends

Murder Groupies

On The Phone With GG Allin & More

GG Talks To Bloody Early 1986

GG And Bloody Talk - June 1986

GG & Bloody Talk - Jan. 10, 1987

GG Calls Bloody - 6/3/89

GG & Bloody Before Gig, Madison, WI, 8/7/86

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