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Elizabeth Parker ‎– The Living Planet (A Portrait Of The Earth)


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Artist: Elizabeth Parker

Year: 1984

Format: LP

Label: Silva Screen

2016 reissue

Silva Screen lovingly re-issue the sound track to The Living Planet, the sequel to David Attenborough’s groundbreaking Life On Earth. Scored by Elizabeth Parker who joined the BBC in 1978 her synthesizer-led score for The Living Planet received an Emmy nomination at the time, and it was released the same year by the BBC on vinyl. Now, the Silva Screen label has unearthed this rare album, and have re-issued it on limited arctic pearl coloured vinyl.

1. The Living Planet (Theme From The Series)
2. The Building Of The Earth
3. The Frozen World
4. The Northern Forests
5. Jungle
6. Seas Of Grass
7. The Baking Deserts
8. The Sky Above
9. Sweet Fresh Water
10. The Margins Of The Land
11. Worlds Apart
12. The Open Ocean
13. New Worlds (Closing Theme From The Series)

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