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Dome La Muerte E.X.P. ‎– Lazy Sunny Day


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Artist: Dome La Muerte E.X.P.

Year: 2017

Format: LP

Label: Cinedelic

Dome La Muerte E.X.P. It is the new project of the Dome La Muerte. Cult character and guru of Italian rock’n’roll, Dome was a founding member in 1979 of the Italian precursors hardcore-punk CCM (Cheetah Chrome Motherfucker), in the 80's was on Not Moving band and then, in the following decade, he played in the Hush and he composed some tracks that ended up in "Nirvana" movie directed by Gabriele Salvatores.

To understand his caliber, just say that he shared the stage with The ClashNick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Johnny Thunders Heartbreakers, The Fuzztones and Iggy Pop.

This new project is the son of his first solo recording experience Poems for renegades of 2011, which contained a highly psychedelic-folk matrix; they were thrown the first seeds for this new album titled Lazy Sunny Day (or more briefly L.S.D.) produced by Cinedelic and Godown rec.

Lazy Sunny Day, unlike Poems for renegades, was recorded and arranged with a band, E.X.P., who will accompany Dome also in tour to recreate on stage the same sounds of the record. The sound is mostly instrumental and it’s lysergically inspired by spaghetti western soundtracks, the Beat generationIndia, the hippies movement, expansion of consciousness and with deep respect and admiration to the culture and spirituality of the Native Americans

The formation of E.X.P. as well as Dome La Muerte, guitar and vocals, includes: Luca Valdambrini (organ, guitar and backing vocals), from Surfer Joe and his boss Combo and Pam and Pipelines, the same bands in which he also played Alessandro Quaglierini, on bass and backing vocals . On drums Emiliano Giuliani former Liars and member of the original line-up of the Diggers

1. Never surrender 2:57

2. No Justice 2:08

3. Sick city 2:44)

4. Drawing a pink mandala 0:36

5. Divinity 5:21

6. Amsterdam 66 3:22

7. Holy 1:20


8. Sveva's mellow dreams 1:41

9. All the night 4:14

10. Eternal door 3:18

11. When the night is over 3:07

12. Visions of Ashvin 2:38

13. L.S.D. (little sun dose) 1:20

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