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Dirty Fan Male


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Artist: Wisbey

Year: 2002

Format: CD

Label: Trunk Records

Out of print for ages now back in print for Sexy Xmas 2015! And with all new original Spunky Arthur artwork on the front. This is the boner, I mean bonus edition, with extra 6 tracks including The Ladies Bras. Please do not buy this for your children unless they are old, like 18. And my special message, penis.

If you don't know what this is, just buy it anyway. It's hilarious, odd, very rude and quite unforgettable.

1 I Am A Pervert
2 They Make My Cock Rock Hard
3 Martin's First Letter
4 Just Like Hilary Clinton
5 Keeping Sexy With Girls
6 Poor Old Ken
7 By A Thursday
8 Woman Feets
9 Martin's Second Letter
10 A Blow Job Worth Reebering
11 My Big Rising Willie
12 Elvis, The Unluckiest Guy In The World
13 Shawshank Redemption (But It Isn't)
14 My Special Message: Penis
15 Piccadilly Manchester
16 Female Bum Conscious Aware
17 You Really Turn Me On
18 I Am Gorilla
19 Don Male
20 I Want To Hold Your Hand
21 Dear Sexy Charmaine
22 Dale
23 Martin's Third Letter
24 Diana, Princess Of Wales
25 I Want To Enlarge My Cock
26 Strawberries & Cream
27 Dirty Letter In Sex
28 My Robotics Project (1)
29 Spunky Arthur
30 Yours Sincerely Lionel
31 My Robotics Project (2)
32 Suck You Out
33 I Ham A Man
34 Martin's Fourth Letter
35 Feed My Cat
36 Does It Go Crossways?
37 I'm Worried
38 Shaking That Bare Bum Cleavage Between
39 Carol Smillie And Carol Vorderman (Live At Wisbey's)
40 The Spunky Arthur Theme
41 Martin's Fifth Letter
42 King Of England And Norway
43 Flash!!
44 My Perverted Lust
45 The Ladies' Bras

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