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Correlations - Hidden Scenes (Green Shell)


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Artist: Correlations

Year: 2018

Format: Tape

Label: Spun Out Of Control

Fizzing analogue synthesizers, woozy ambient electronica and catchy earworm melodies weave in and out of the mix on the latest limited tape release from the Spun Out Of Control label.

Inspired by the city of San Francisco, the album Hidden Scenes comprises brand new tracks originally composed and recorded during the same creative sessions that produced Correlations’ Aftermath LP, released on Spun Out Of Control in a limited vinyl pressing.

Cover and inlay artwork is by Eric Adrian Lee. Limited edition of 150 cassettes, split evenly between two tape shell colours mirroring the library music style cover art: Film Stock Silver or Dust Jacket Green (75 copies of each worldwide).

1.Before The After 02:10

2.Lost At Sea 03:34

3.Past We Forget 02:10

4.Ultra Vivid Visions 02:14

5.Amity Of Suzanne 14:33

6.Winding Road 01:53

7.Treasure Island 03:11

8.The Creeper 01:29

9.Burial At The Rock 02:11

10.Ascension 03:19

11.Driving 101 01:46

12.Saints Peter & Paul 01:32

13.By The Shore 01:29

14.Golden Dragons, Golden Gates 03:04

15.Riverman 04:22

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Heresie - Sisters of the Bare Goddess (Red Shell)

Heresie - Sisters of the Bare Goddess (Red Shell) (Tape)

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