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Bryce Miller ‎– Monochrome Daydream (Blue Vinyl)


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Artist: Bryce Miller ‎

Year: 2019

Format: LP

Label: Spun Out Of Control

Limited edition release of 300 units on coloured vinyl, split between 'Blade Runner Blue' (150 units) or 'Godzilla Claw Cream' (150 units).

Colours reflect the recent movie projects composer Bryce Miller has contributed sound design & trailer music for (Blade Runner 2049 & Godzilla King of The Monsters)

Hand numbered with removable Japanese style OBI strip. Artwork by Eric Adrian Lee.

Includes download code.

LOS ANGELES, 2019...

Sweeping, emotionally charged synth-scapes punctuated by excitingly upbeat dance floor destroyers reveal the varied creative palate of young electronic composer Bryce Miller. ‘Monochrome Daydream’, his third instrumental album released on Spun Out Of Control (following City Depths and WASP), is his first on vinyl.

Since those original cassette-only releases with the label, American-born Bryce has been forging a musical career in the movie business. His scoring and sound design has graced a host of big movie trailers; some of the most notable being Blade Runner 2049 and, more recently, Godzilla: King Of The Monsters.

‘Monochrome Daydream’ builds on that experience working in Hollywood to deliver his own, unique widescreen vision, freed of any prescribed visuals and brief. The album thus takes the listener on their own journey in sci-fi and fantasy, providing a fiercely contemporary soundtrack to our own flights of imagination.

A1 Silhouette  
A2 Visionline  
A3 Drift Pt. 1  
A4 Into The Mist  
A5 Sinking Spiral  
A6 Abyss  
A7 Signals  
B1 Spectral Drift  
B2 Timewarp  
B3 Within Shadow  
B4 Monochrome  
B5 Drift Pt. 2  
B6 Infinite

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