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The Underground Set
Underground Set ‎– War In The Night Before (1971)
Format: LP
Label: Cinedelic

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2016 reissue

Finally available again, a reprint of one of the most important and rare Italian rock album of the 70s, all thanks to Cinedelic Records. THE UNDERGROUND SET in reality are the NUOVA IDEA under a different name for contractual reasons. They also produced under the name PSYCHEGROUND GROUP another cult LP back in those years. "War in the night before" was produced in 1971 by Maestro Gianfranco Reverberi, (a sample from one of his earlier songs is the basis of Gnarls Barkley’ “Crazy"), who also signs the composition of the songs under the name of Ninety. This is the second album and is definitely heavier than the first, with fuzz guitar, organ / mellotron and drums in evidence. Some riffs in a Black Sabbath style anticipate what decades later will be defined as STONER ROCK. Psychedelia, Beat, Rhythm & Blues, and Progressive rock are all mixed in these instrumental tracks with some polyphonic choirs typical of Genovese prog (such as the New Trolls more than other). Reissued in a hard cover with laminated front and matte back. Includes download with full album plus 6 rare songs from singles (1970/1).


A1 War In The Night Before 3:40
A2 Top Invocation 2:55
A3 Cronic Illness 3:15
A4 Cool Paradise 2:24
A5 Car Driving 2:59
A6 Una Lettera 3:21

B1 Hard To Go Up 3:56
B2 Oblivion 2:26
B3 Libutum 2:45
B4 Hot Paradise 3:00
B5 Useless Obsession 2:50
B6 Hopeless Train 2:44

Download bonus tracks
13 Arcipelago 3:19
14 Motor Road Underground 2:47
15 Slaughter On The Motor 4:13
16 Emisfero 3:41
17 Tanto Per Cambiare 3:39 18 CH4 3:42


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