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Trash Film Roadshow
Format: Book

From Headpress;

"From the bowels of New York’s Lower East Side to Moscow on a fake visa and Pyongyang, North Korea, Schönherr is a cinéaste on a mission. TRASHFILM ROADSHOWS tells of his trials and tribulations."

  • A Richard Kern show brought to a (perfect) halt by violent leftists
  • Schönherr’s strange invitation to Russia for the screening of anti-Communist propaganda
  • A trip across America in a dodgy vehicle loaded with reels of film
  • Wild cinematic discoveries at New York’s cheapest film-to-video transfer shop
  • Running a no-budget rathouse of a cinema
  • Nick Zedd being attacked by feminists in Nuremberg, Germany
  • GG Allin’s last gig
  • Disposing of a stash of heroin unearthed while renovating a movie theatre
  • Being branded an 'imperialist spy' in North Korea

(Taken from Headpress website)

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