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Timothy Fife & Dave Ellesmere
Streets Run Red OST (2017)
Format: Tape
Label: Spun Out Of Control

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Streets of synth fire! Spun Out of Control is very proud to announce the debut of US-based electronic artist Timothy Fife and Berlin-based ex-Discharge, ex-Doctor and the Crippens drummer Dave Ellesmere on the label, with their scintillating electronic film score for ‘The Streets Run Red’, another first.

Sure to enthuse fans of 80s soundtracks from Goblin & John Carpenter, our tape release, presented on a choice of ‘Black As Night’ matt black or ‘Streets Run Red’ Blood Red cassettes shells, features movie-inspired artwork on double-sided J-card from regular label contributor Eric Adrian Lee (DeathWaltz/Mondo, Giallo Disco and Wil-Ru Records) and is limited to a run of 150 cassettes in total (75 black/75 red).

Black Cassette


1.Gomorrah (Theme From The Streets Run Red) 04:10
2.Superbowl 01:23
3.Murder And Self Defence 03:27
4.The Robbery 01:32
5.Flesh 00:35
6.Fifth One This Year 05:16
7.Dude Is Deadly 01:21
8.Hard On 01:59
9.A Midnight Stroll 01:45
10.Coal 03:06
11.Kinky 02:54
12.Disneyland 01:22
13.Open Sesame 01:36
14.Django Out 02:26
15.Encrypted Or Complete Bullshit 03:55
16.The Morning After 00:57
17.Eureka 01:52
18.The Streets Run Red Closing Titles

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