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the Stalin
Stalin, The ‎– Stalinism (1987)
Format: LP
Label: Noise Not Music

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2015 re-issue

A1,A2: From flexi-disc "電動コケシ / 肉" September 1980
A3,A4: From Flexi-disc for "Fish Inn" November 1984
A5: From compilation "Welcome to 1984" May 1984
B1-B5: From EP "スターリニズム" April 1981


A1 電動コケシ
A2 肉
A3 バキューム
A4 解剖室
A5 Chicken Farm Chicke

B1 豚に真珠
B2 サル
B3 コルホーズの玉ネギ畑
B4 猟奇ハンター
B5 アーチスト

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