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Shock Cinema #20
Format: Magazine
Year: 2002
Author/Editor: Steven Puchalski
Size/Format: A4 Magazine

SHOCK CINEMA 20. Spring/Summer 2002.
Interviews with actors Michael Moriarty, Keith David and Joe Turkel, screenwriter W.D. Richter, and exploitation auteur Lee Frost. Reviews include James Coburn in Duffy, Calvin Lockhart and Jeff Bridges in Halls of Anger, Diana Rigg's rare short films The Diadem and Mini-Killers, William Smith in The Runaway, Michael Moriarty in My Old Man's Place, Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush; Billy Dee Williams in The Take, Robert DeNiro in Jennifer on My Mind, Robert Kramer's Ice, Gene Wilder and Zero Mostel in Rhinoceros, William Klein's Le Couple Temoin, Alan Arkin in Terrence Malick's Deadhead Miles, Captain Milkshake, Jenny Agutter in I Start Counting, Chosen Survivors, Barry Gordon and Jon Voight in Out of It, Rene Daalder's Population:1, the redneck sexploitation romp Six Pack Annie, Kevin Spacey in Ordinary Decent Criminal, Patty McCormack in Born Wild, Santiago Segura's Torrente, The Dumb Arm of the Law, Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Pulse, Clint Howard in Evilspeak, Leif Garrett in Skateboard; Gabrielle Salvatores' Denti, et cetera.

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