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Shock Cinema #19
Format: Magazine

Interviews with actors James Remar, Don Gordon and Jared Martin, plus screenwriter Lorenzo Semple, Jr.. Reviews include Laurence Oliver in Sun Myung Moon's war fiasco Inchon, David Essex in Michael Apted's Stardust, Nigel Kneale's 6-part anthology Beasts, Gerard Depardieu in Marco Ferreri's The Last Woman, Spike of Love, Oliver Reed and Michael J. Pollard in Hannibal Brooks, Demon Lover Diary, Ben Gazzara and Sammy Davis Jr. in Convicts 4, Sophie Marceau in Zulawski's Fidelity, the Mutesploitation classic Deafula, David Carradine stars in and directs You and Me, the British yuletide anthology A Ghost Story For Christmas, Jack Cassidy in The Phantom of Hollywood, Is This Trip Really Necessary?, James Mason in Nicholas Ray's drug-induced Bigger Than Life, Glen Campbell and Joe Namath in Norwood, Jim Morrison's 'lost' film HWY: An American Pastoral, the XXX-rated I Saw Jesus Die, et cetera.

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