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Roy Lanham
Roy Lanham The Spectacular Six-String Of Roy Lanham (RSD 2014) (2014)
Format: 7"
Label: Sundazed

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Record Store Day 2014 release

The space-age guitar sound of Roy Lanham! A guitarist’s guitarist, Lanham had no less a player than MerleTravis commenting about listening to his records in admiration—his clean, jazzy lines were a fountain of inspirationfor several generations of pickers! After touring heavily in the 1940s with acts like western swingpioneer Hank Penny and early pop idol Gene Austin, Lanham was at his peak in 1959 when he made theserecordings, which have never been issued in any form until now! Includes the stunning “My Adobe Hacienda,” aromping original “Lanham Boogie,” and takes on “Carnival In Paris” and “Song of India,” both of which Lanhamwould later record for other labels, all featuring his gorgeous tone wrapped in vintage (and cool!) tape delayecho! With a small, unobtrusive combo backing Lanham’s tasteful, complex lines, these are not the typicallyoverproduced instrumental recordings of the late ’50s but the genuine sound of a guitar leader and his supportingmusicians deftly playing through tunes they clearly knew and loved. Pressed on red wax—a tribute toRoy’s famed red Jazzmaster—with new notes by Rich Kienzle, this is an indispensable collection of previouslyunissued guitar mastery!


1. My Adobe Hacienda
2. Lanham Boogie

3. Song of India
4. Carnival in Paris

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