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Repeated Viewing
Repeated Viewing - Street Force 2 (Yellow Tape) (2017)
Format: Tape
Label: Spun Out Of Control

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Massive sounding, synthesizer-laden film score with a fiery 80s flavour, perfect for struttin’ the mean streets! Spun Out Of Control, the London based label dedicated to fledgling soundtrack composers and emerging electronic musicians, is delighted to announce its fourth collaboration with synth artist and composer Alan Sinclair, aka Repeated Viewing.

Street Force 2 is the long awaited follow-up to the original Street Force score, released on cassette in 2016 in two successive runs, which quickly sold out. This is an electrifying album of buzzing synths, whip-crackin’ kick drums and mountainous melody lines that grip from the first notes and never let go…

Our tape release features action-packed artwork on double-sided J-card from regular contributor Eric Adrian Lee (DeathWaltz/Mondo, Giallo Disco and Wil-Ru Records) and is limited to a run of 150 cassettes.


1.Back To The Streets 03:50
2.Marcia From The 4th Floor 05:28
3.Followed In The Park 03:49
4.Downpour 01:47
5.The Night Owl Returns 03:14
6.Back Alleys 03:15
7.Fever Dream 02:03
8.Can't Sleep 06:37
9.Over The Fence 01:20
10.The Hunt (What Have I Done?) 03:17
11.Street Trash 04:03
12.Dawn Regrets 03:51
13.Justice 03:57
14.Vengeance 06:53
15.Burning Buildings/Target Practice 04:31
16.Marcia From The 4th Floor (Polypores Remix) 05:21
17.Back Alleys (Ubre Blanca Remix) 06:12

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