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Puzzle (1974)
Rating: 18
Director: Duccio Tessari
Starring: Luc Merenda
Country: Italy

Label: Another World Entertainment

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Price: £10.00

Brief Synopsis/Write-up:

Luc Merenda stars as amnesia patient with a murky past whose ex-partner in crime materialises to demand the share of the loot from their last job. Stylishly set with nasty fight scenes, sadistic baddies good looking Italian women and costumes with flare(s) this tautly plotted and suspenseful Giallo plays on the emotions using all the classic tropes such as a precocious urchin, woman in peril and puppy murder.


Format: DVD
Region/TV Standard: Region 2/PAL
Language: English & Italian
Subtitles: Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish
Running Time: 87 mins
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 Anamorphic
Case Type: Standard

Extra Features:
Trailer (3:12)
Picture Gallery (0:36)
Duccio Tessari filmography (4 pages)
Bonus trailers for "Cannibal Ferox", "Mountain of the Cannibal God", "City of the Living Dead", "Cannibal Holocaust", "Eaten Alive" and "The Beyond"

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