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Other Hell (1980)
Rating: 18
Director: Bruno Mattei
Franca Stoppi
Carlo De Mejo
Francesca Carmeno
Susan Forget
Country: Italy

Label: Severin

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Brief Synopsis/Write-up:

Bruno Mattei's 'Nunsploitation' Classic Now Uncut & Uncensored In HD For The First Time Ever!

At the peak of his '80s excess, Italian sleaze maestro Bruno Mattei - using the alias 'Stefan Oblowsky' - stunned audiences with this Nunsploitation shocker about a series of brutal murders in a depraved convent. And while his cinematic legacy may remain controversial, Mattei here delivers a surprisingly stylized yet undeniably blasphemous orgy of stabbings, stigmata, Satanism, sexual violence and graphic savagery that ranks among his very best. Franca Stoppi (THE TRUE STORY OF THE NUN OF MONZA), Carlo De Mejo (WOMEN'S PRISON MASSACRE) and Franco Garofalo (HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD) star in this filthy nugget (Mondo Digital) - written by the notorious Claudio Fragasso (RATS: NIGHT OF TERROR, TROLL 2) and featuring a score 'borrowed' from Goblin - newly transferred from a 35mm print discovered behind a false wall in a Bologna nunnery!



Format: Blu-Ray
Region/TV Standard: Region 0
Language: English, French, Italian
Subtitles: None
Running Time: 88 mins
Aspect Ratio: 1.66:1
Case Type: Standard

Extra Features:
Audio Commentary With Co-Director/Co-Writer Claudio Fragasso Moderated By Freak-O-Rama's Federico Caddeo
Sister Franca: Interview With Actress Franca Stoppi
To Hell And Back: Archive Interviews With Director Bruno Mattei and Actor Carlo De Mejo

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