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OGRE & Dallas Campbell
OGRE & Dallas Campbell ‎– All Hallows' (Orange Tape) (2015)
Format: Tape
Label: Spun Out Of Control

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Described as an electronic score to the scariest horror movie you never saw and clocking in at just under an hour over the course of its 16 tracks, the dark synth album soundtracks a suitably spooky short story – provided on the fold-out artwork – by Robin Ogden (OGRE) and Faye Simms (Faye also provided the cover art).


A1 Beginnings Of Decay (Prologue)
A2 Last Rays Of Daylight
A3 Tomorrow's Headline
A4 Anonymous Letter
A5 Woodland Path
A6 Sigils
A7 Demented Mantra
A8 Followed
B1 Lockstep
B2 Of Terror
B3 Silhouette
B4 Rabbit Run
B5 Carve
B6 End Credits
B7 Today's Headlines
B8 All Hallows' (Epilogue)

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