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Lunchmeat #8
Format: Magazine

It's here, Videovores! This brand-new slab of independently-printed VHS and video era obsession, appreciation and celebration is jam-packed with 52-pages of utter VHS vindication, mang! You’ll be able to sink your VHS-lovin’ teeth into over a dozen reviews of VHS-only flicks including obscure gems like PREMONTION, IRON THUNDER, GET CRAZY, TALES OF THE UNKNOWN, CAST A DEADLY SPELL along with many more magnetic morsels for you to munch!! You know it! You’re also gonna be able to kick it in an analog apocalypse as david j. moore talks with director Paul Kyriazi about his obscure action flick OMEGA COP; Rick Sloane details his plucky career as a complete cult low-budget filmmaker crafting cult flicks like HOBGOBLINS and VICE ACADEMY; director Martin Campbell unravels the source of the SFX magic on tap in CAST A DEADLY SPELL; and director Roger Nygard talks about his diverse and expansive career running the genre gamut with titles like HIGH STRUNG, TREKKIES, SIX DAYS IN ROSWELL and THE NATURE OF EXISTENCE!

But that’s not all, man! There’s more! MUCH MORE! The legendary Len Cella spills his guts about his cult comedy career and his independently produced laughter-piece MORON MOVIES… you just gotta read it to believe it! Fred Olen Ray recounts those rewind-inclined days as he recalls insane on-set stories about COMMANDO SQUAD and DINOSAUR ISLAND; the totally rad Dom Coccaro goes off the top rope and puts a full nelson on some awesomely obscure VHS-only wrestling flicks; Taylor Duff offers up some amazingly esoteric animation from the abyss; and Ted Gilbert dares you to imagine a world without VCRs in his think-piece about how the Supreme Court almost took away our favorite analog format forever.

All this analog-crazed coverage plus comics, articles on groovy collectible video era goodies, and of course, an alien-themed crossword puzzle where you can win prizes! Cool prizes like snacks and VHS tapes, man! YES!

What other analog-obsessed treats await you in LUNCHMEAT #8? You’ll have to chew through it to find out! GRAB ONE BEFORE IT GRABS YOU!!

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