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Glam-O-Rama Volume 1 (2013)
Format: LP
Label: Kiss Kiss Records

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A1 –James Boys - Shoog Shoog
A2 –Arrows - Touch Too Much
A3 –William - Gulliver
A4 –Apple Pie & Custard - Dr. Fantastic
A5 –The Trems - You Can't Touch Sue
A6 –Cristophe - Mama
A7 –Just Boys - Hook Line And Sink Her
A8 –Bilbo - You Wanna Be Your Lover

B1 –Fludd - Get Up, Get Out, Move On
B2 –Barry Blue - If I Show You I Can Dance
B3 –David Werner - Whizz Kid
B4 –The Quick - No No Girl
B5 –Vance Or Towers - Bloody Robbery
B6 –Airborne - Give Us A Kiss
B7 –Chris Hodge - Contact Love
B8 –Bonnie St. Claire - Clap Your Hands And Stomp Your Feet

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