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Jim Manzie
From A Whisper To A Scream (2015)
Format: Tape
Label: Terror Vision

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J-Card with artwork printed on reverse. Transparent Purple Cassette Shell.


A1 The Opening
A2 Shall We Dance
A3 Main Title
A4 On the Hook
A5 Stanley and Son
A6 Jesse's Boat Ride
A7 Jesse Snoops
A8 Fielder's Joy Juice
A9 Jesse Cue
A10 Jesse Gets the Axe
A11 Jesse Finale
A12 Screwy Fingers

B1 Like A Faucet
B2 Harmonica #1
B3 Harmonica #2
B4 Steven Explodes
B5 Ami the Pin Cushion
B6 Civil War
B7 Civil War Drums
B8 Amanda And Gallin
B9 Gallin Cons Amanda
B10 Tension The Magistrate
B11 Gallin Flambe
B12 Welcome To Oldfield
B13 End Credits Main Theme

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