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Francesco De Masi
Francesco De Masi ‎– 7 Hyden Park - La Casa Maledetta (2017)
Format: LP
Label: Sub Ost

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The disturbing soundtrack of the same film directed by Alberto De Martino in 1985 and composed by Francesco De Masi, author and Roman arranger already famous for classical b-movie soundtracks such as Lo Squartatore Di New York (The New York Ripper) and Fuga Dal Bronx (Escape From The Bronx). For a long time associated with 'genre cinema', the man had an innate passion for primitive electronics. A long suite divided into 14 movements that best describe the climate of tension and the upcoming deadlines of the featured film, a Gothic thriller in the orbit of meta-horror. The music - sometimes a bit of a timbral but often deliberately descriptive and overwhelming - pin of synths and analogue machines, capable of defining the desperate plot of the film.


A1 House In The Park 1:54
A2 Dreadful Cellar 2:33
A3 Twisted Mind 2:30
A4 So Many Corpses 2:35
A5 Girl And Violence 1:52
A6 House In The Park 1:55
A7 Fear And Blood 1:33

B1 House In The Park 2:15
B2 Dreadful Cellar 1:03
B3 In The Past 2:08
B4 Cursed House 1:26
B5 Falling 2:13
B6 Handicapped Girl 2:44
B7 Young Nightmare 2:37

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