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Dreaming Purple Neon (2016)
Rating: 18
Director: Todd Sheets
Jeremy Edwards
Eli DeGeer
Antwoine Steele
Millie Milan
Jack McCord
Country: USA

Label: Unearthed Films

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Brief Synopsis/Write-up:

Dallas (Jeremy Edwards) returns home after years away to try to reconnect with his ex Denise (Eli DeGeer, CHINA WHITE SERPENTINE). Cat (Millie Milan HOUSE OF FORBIDDEN SECRETS) steals her boss Ray Ray's (Antwoine Steele HOUSE OF FORBIDDEN SECRETS) stash of "Neon Purple" and goes to meet Denise at her boss's office. Ray Ray and Tyrone (Ricky Farr) follow her there, looking for his drugs while a demonic cult is operating out of the basement trying to raise demons by using the drug to bridge the gap between the land of the living and Hell.


Format: DVD
Region/TV Standard: Region 1 / NTSC
Language: English
Subtitles: None
Running Time: 109 mins
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Case Type: Standard

Extra Features:
Commentary with Todd Sheets
Behind the scenes
Unearthed trailers

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