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the Dictators
Dictators, the - Every Day is Saturday (2007)
Format: LP
Label: Norton

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(Norton 319) "The all-true adventures of the Dictators, from pre-punk shenanigans to the sound of Young America to the death of rock n' roll!" Unissued demos and rare tracks from the vaults, from pre-Manitoba 1973 recordings (from master tapes!) up through DFFD outtakes! Photo filled package includes liner notes by Scott "Top Ten" Kempner, Handsome Dick Manitoba, Andy Shernoff and crew chief/soundman Rich Nesin!

2 LP in Gatefold sleeve.

Tracks 1 to 5 recorded 1973
Track 6 recorded 1977
Tracks 7 & 8 recorded 1976
Tracks 9 to 19 recorded 1978
Track 20 recorded 1996
Tracks 21 & 22 recorded 1999
Track 23 recorded 2001
Tracks 24 & 25 recorded 2002


A1 Weekend
A2 Backseat Boogie
A3 Master Race Rock
A4 California Sun
A5 Fireman's Friend

B1 Whisky Radio Spot
B2 America The Beautiful
B3 Sleeping With The TV On
B4 Eugene Radio Spot
B5 Faster And Louder
B6 Minnessota Strip
B7 Baby Let's Twist

C1 What It Is
C2 Borneo Jimmy
C3 I Stand Tall
C4 No Tomorrow
C5 Stay With Me
C6 Bloodborthers Radio Spot

D1 16 Forever
D2 Loyola
D3 Laughing Out Loud
D4 What's Up With That #2
D5 I Just Want To Have Something To Do
D6 16 Forever #2
D7 Owensboro Radio Spot

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