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Critical Vision
Format: Book

From Headpress;

"A collection of the best articles from the rare, out of print early issues of
Headpress magazine, already collectors items.

Updated and revised, with the inclusion of new material, CRITICAL VISION is at once a powerful, unique, and often shocking, compendium. Profusely illustrated.

David Kerekes and David Slater are co-authors of Killing For Culture and See No Evil."

  • MR PUNCH: SEX KILLER PUPPET! Are the bizarre and violent antics of that seaside perennial ‘The Punch and Judy Show’, really suitable for children? This historical retracing of Mr Punch determines that the grotesque glove-puppet has more in common with Gilles de Rais than with any Peter Pan or Rupert Bear.
  • IT’S FUN TO KILL PEOPLE! Douglas Clark liked to call himself 'the king of the one-night stands'. In 1980 he was arrested for murder. Amidst revelations of kinky sex, paedophilia, decapitation and necrophilia, in a court case that saw the defendant bound and gagged, Clark was found guilty of the 'Sunset Strip Murders' and sentenced to death. The ‘unofficial’ version of events uncovers a hotbed of deceit and a possible miscarriage of justice.
  • HOOKERS FOR JESUS! From Jesus Freak to Sexual Messiah, the rise, fall, teachings and practices of Moses David and his world cult, the Children of God. 
  • THRILL TO TALES OF GRAPHIC LUST! Two decades of underground comic books — the pornographic type. From Robert Crumb’s Snatch Comics in the sixties, through to rare British titles of the seventies and eighties.
(Taken from Headpress website)

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