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Corpse Grinders (Blu Ray & DVD) (1971)
Rating: 18
Director: Ted V. Mikels
Sean Kenney
Monika Kelly
Sanford Mitchell
Country: USA

Label: Vinegar Syndrome

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Price: £24.00

Brief Synopsis/Write-up:

The Lotus Cat Food Company has hit major financial trouble and is on the verge of closing, until the owners realize that rather than paying for meat, they can use bodies from the local graveyard to fill their tins. As their latest product hits the shelves, it’s revealed to have an unintentional result: every cat that eats it is transformed into a bloodthirsty brute with an unending hunger for human flesh!

Ted V. Mikels’ (THE DOLL SQUAD) legendary cult favorite, THE CORPSE GRINDERS, is a horror classic, chock full of jaw dropping twists, mind boggling surprises, and a self-aware sense of humor that became one of Ted’s trademarks. Co-written by Arch Hall Sr. (EEGAH) & Joseph Cranston (THE CRAWLING HAND), and colorfully photographed by Mikels himself, this drive-in mainstay is proudly presented for the first time on Blu-ray from Vinegar Syndrome, freshly restored in 2k from recently discovered negative elements!



Format: Blu-Ray
Region/TV Standard: Region 0 / NTSC
Language: English
Subtitles: English SDH Subtitles
Running Time: 73 mins
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Case Type: Standard with slipcase

Extra Features:
• Audio Commentary by filmmaker Elijah Drenner (AMERICAN GRINDHOUSE) featuring rare archival audio recordings from the private files of Ted V. Mikels and vintage Drive-In Theater announcements for “The Final Dimension in Shock”.
• “Ted Talks” – Archival Interview with Ted V. Mikels from 2007
• Stills gallery

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