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Carlo Pes, Peppino De Luca, I Marc 4
Carlo Pes, Peppino De Luca, I Marc 4 ‎– Debito Coniugale (The Conjugal Debt) (1970)
Format: LP
Label: Four Flies Records

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2017 Reissue

Holy Grail Alert! This is absolutely the rarest, and probably the best MARC 4 album ever, pressed as a library on Ricordi label (LR 10) in 1970 with the title I MARC 4 PER VOI, but composed for the original soundtrack of DEBITO CONIUGALE; a brilliant comedy directed by Franco Prosperi, and starring Barbara Bouchet and Lando Buzzanca. A truly amazing album, ranging from jazz to bossa nova, from funk to rhythm 'n' blues and psychedelic – all touched with the unique and distinctive sound of I MARC 4, the premier backing band of soloists in the panorama of Italian soundtracks and library music, here accompanied by the vocal work of Edda Dell’Orso as well as the choir, I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni. An essential record that resonates with that distinctive Italian sound from beginning to end, and which pays tribute to the incredible work of our finest session musicians and creators, rather than of simple executors of a rustproof groove that is not affected by the passage of time. Go South Italy! Armando Trovajoli


A1 Beat Al Sud
A2 Shoppin'
A3 Quella Sera A Piazza Navona
A4 Slow Down
A5 Salmo 1970
A6 Hot Dog
A7 Middle Sound
A8 Bric

B1 Cowboy Party
B2 Just Be Mine
B3 Ballata Per Un Flauto
B4 Palme
B5 Costa Smeralda
B6 A Un Passo Dai Lingotti
B7 There's A River



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