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Berry Lipman
Berry Lipman - Sex World (2016)
Format: LP
Label: Vinegar Syndrome

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Anthony Spinelli’s SexWorld features one of the finest soundtracks ever assembled for a hardcore feature. Utilizing both expertly selected library tracks, edited by Frank A. Coe, along with Barry Lipman’s title song, SexWorld offers music lovers a unique example of film scoring from the world of American genre cinema.

This hand-numbered first edition SexWorld LP is limited to 500 units on transparent Vinegar Syndrome yellow. The soundtrack was transferred from the original 35mm 3-stripe magnetic track and mastered by our friends at New Alliance East Mastering. The vinyl was pressed at Gotta Groove Records in Ohio and the old-style tip-on jackets were made by the world-renowned Stoughton Printing Company in California. Get ’em while you can!


A1 "Sexworld" 2:09
A2 Joan And Jerry 2:34
A3 She Usually Knows Just What I Need 1:29
A4 Lisa Pretends To Be Cindy 2:20
A5 Jerry Watches Linda And Jo 3:25
A6 Jerry Joins Linda And Jo 1:40
A7 Joan And Marian 4:19
A8 Ralph Watches Millicent and Phil 3:08

B1 Ralph And Ann Dance 2:26
B2 Ralph And Ann / Millicent And Phil 3:01
B3 Dale Dreaming Alex 1:37
B4 Dale And Tomas 4:47
B5 Lisa Gets Ready 0:58
B6 Lisa And Johnnie Keyes 6:24

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